The « HQE™ for Urban Planning» attests the implementation of a management system  setting the relevant sustainable urban planning targets, organizing the projects to reach them while controlling, pilot, participation and evaluation processes  as well as operational processes of design, achievement and retrocession.

It is the only international tool at the district scale, taking into account upstream stages of the projects and integrating the link between territorial planning and urban design.

The HQE™ certification for sustainable urban planning, third-party recognition system, is a management tool:

  • It follows the dialogue between stakeholders from the launch to the achievement phase.
  • It enables the definition and achievement of contextualized, justified and consistent objectives.
  • After on-site follow-up audits, the delivery and update of a certificate rewards the project at each stage, from the beginning to the delivery.

HQE for urban planning certification – certified by Certivéa for local authorities

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