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HQE™ certification is a voluntary approach for construction, renovation, operation of all buildings.

The HQE™ certification is a voluntary process for construction, renovation and maintenance of all building types.
It shows balance between respect of the environment (energy, carbon, water, waste, biodiversity…), quality of life and economic performance through a comprehensive approach. It is the best way to attest the performance of a building and answer the stakes of a sustainable city. Wherever you are, HQE™ is a sign of good management of costs and construction delays, risk and expenses control during the use-phase and differentiation for lease and sale.
The main principles:
• Certification frameworks drafted with all stakeholders, scientifically-based and continually improved by feedback
• On-site verification by independent auditors: the full third-party audits are led in the presence of the project owners. They guarantee transparence and credibility of the process of performance assessment.
• A management system in the center of the process: as a quality management system, all professionals involved in the project benefit from a process helping them reach the targets to get to certification.
• The project team sets itself the targets in the specific context of the project and makes its own choices of architectural and technical solutions.