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Alliance HQE-GBC wins the organization of the World GBC congress 2019

Announcement during the HQE GBC congress on December 13, 2017. From left to right, Anne-Sophie Perrissin-Fabert, director, Alliance HQE-GBC – Terri Wills, CEO, World GBC – Philippe van de Maele, Chairman, Alliance HQE-GBC

Alliance HQE-GBC is thrilled to host the World GBC congress 2019 as its application as established member was selected. For the first time the event will take place in France together with the Alliance HQE-GBC congress, a side-event of World Efficiency Solutions.

The congress will bring together the different Green Building Councils (over 70) and speakers from all the continents. Alliance HQE-GBC wishes to use this opportunity to promote the Europe Regional Network of the Green Building Councils and the French speaking GBCs, special partners of the Alliance.

The program will be designed by Alliance HQE-GBC and WorldGBC on topics of common interest. In addition to the congress it will host WorldGBC events for members: WorldGBC’s annual Members’ Day, Board, Corporate Advisory Board and Established GBC CEO Network meetings.

Hosting this event is part of Alliance HQE-GBC’s strategy to increase its international influence. Indeed the French vision of the sustainable building is peculiar : an approach listing the results instead of the means to reach them. An approach with the human being at the center of the project, with a management culture of collaborative work and facilitated involvement of stakeholders. An approach in which solutions are adapted to each project (geographic, climatic, historic, cultural criteria). With this congress, Alliance HQE-GBC will create the conditions to share this view in France and at the international level.

More details – especially exact dates – to follow soon.