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The certification

To certify that a building (residential or tertiary), a district or an infrastructure takes into account the requirements and expectations related to the challenges of the sustainable city, the HQE certification constitutes an indisputable sign of quality.

HQE certification reflects a balance between respect for the environment (energy, carbon, water, waste, biodiversity, etc.), quality of life and economic performance through a global and multi-theme/multi-criteria approach. Whatever the territory, HQE is also a strategic roadmap, guaranteeing control of costs and deadlines during construction, control of costs and risks during operation and differentiation during rental or sale.

The various HQE certifications, which can be associated with the NF mark, have been built on the basis of the reference frameworks made available by the HQE-GBC Alliance and are regularly enriched with feedback. HQE certification is based on verification by independent auditors, via “third party” audits, which ensure the transparency and credibility of the performance evaluation process. Significant commitment to the approach built by the HQE-GBC Alliance, the management system is at the heart of HQE certification.

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HQE certifications apply to:

  • buildings (collective and individual housing and tertiary buildings), in the construction phases, but also during operation, for new programs as well as for renovation;
  • development, HQE certification aimed at project owners (local authorities, developers) of development operations, whether public or private;
  • to infrastructure.

They are issued in France and abroad, by 2 independent and impartial certication bodies:


For tertiary buildings, urban planning developments and infrastructures

For housing