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In France: accredited HQE™ trainings for professionals at the building scale

The trainings consist in the basics of a sustainable building and the HQE certification. Some can lead to more advance trainings per topic.

6 training bodies are accredited to provide these trainings.


  • CSTB Formations
  • Gamba Formation

Trainings to become HQE™ certification Référent

The HQE™ certification référent is an employee of a company whose skills are acknowledged through an exam. His/her role is to assist the project owners in the certification process. The project owners wishing to hire such professionals will benefit from discounts on their promotion tools and simplified audits leading to discounts in the certification fees.


The process to become HQE™ certification referent in France is different from abroad. See more details on how to become a HQE™ certification referent outside of France HERE.


Specific training partnerships have been launched in Morocco and Tunisia. Local partners are providing basic trainings on HQE™ to building professionals.