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What levers for low-carbon renovation?

Feedback from the workshop on 12 February 2021 As part of the NZC Renovation project, which aims to identify relevant and specific levers for building renovation to reduce carbon emissions, a brainstorming workshop with low carbon renovation experts took place on February 12th 2021. Introduction of ANRU (National Agency for Urban Renovation) Jean-Benoît CARIOU, in […]

Bâtiments neufs et rénovés au regard de l’économie circulaire

Levers to reduce carbon emissions during renovation – the NZC Renovation project.

France, the country which saw the birth of the Paris Agreement, has set itself several objectives in order to maintain the course of 2°C, such as achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from total building consumption by 54% in 2028 in the construction sector and much more. To accelerate this transformation, the […]

Life for LCA LCC Level(s) – Kick off in Madrid

In the first three years of the new decade, eight representative European countries work together on how to incentivize low environmental footprint, low risk and healthy buildings, which are economically viable. We do so by establishing reliable assessment methods into our varying countries’ market mechanism and by providing training on both, the usage on specific […]


Qualité de la vie En savoir plus Respect de l’environnement En savoir plus Performance économique En savoir plus WORLD GREEN BUILDING WEEK 2018 En savoir plus Actualités & Agenda Toutes les informations Le Mouvement HQE Nous suivre sur @hqegbc En savoir plus L’Alliance HQE-GBC est le catalyseur d’un mouvement collectif d’hommes et de femmes engagés dans le […]

Alliance HQE-GBC wins the organization of the World GBC congress 2019

Announcement during the HQE GBC congress on December 13, 2017. From left to right, Anne-Sophie Perrissin-Fabert, director, Alliance HQE-GBC – Terri Wills, CEO, World GBC – Philippe van de Maele, Chairman, Alliance HQE-GBC Alliance HQE-GBC is thrilled to host the World GBC congress 2019 as its application as established member was selected. For the first […]

Launch of the framework “smart building, fair building”

Alliance HQE-GBC and Smart Building Alliance published the definition framework “smart building, fair building” presented by the Secretary of State for the Cohesion of Territories: a common language to accelerate the digital transition for all buildings.  Buildings will become platforms for digital services to meet the expectations of their users. They will need to be connected […]

The biennial meeting of the HQE movement: Dec 12-14 in Paris

We are happy to welcome you in Paris from December 12-14  in partnership with: Download the bilingual programme of the event.