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Visual identity and brand

HQE is a brand owned by Alliance HQE-GBC France in France and abroad.

Name and logo

On January 30th 2017, the association resulting from the merger between Association HQE and France GBC changed name and logo. 

  • the word “Alliance” refer to the variety of professionals involved and the action mode of the association: through partnership and networks. 
  • HQE, well-knowned brand, owned by the association.
  • GBC France, to show it is the French chapter of the World Green Building Council.

The short name of the Association is “Alliance HQE-GBC”.

The logo is tailored for members and sponsors.

Logo_alliance_HQEmembre-CMJN- web                                  Logo_alliance_HQEmecene-CMJN-web

The brand


The logo shows the HQE expertise at both technical and human level. It is used for the “HQE” commercial activities and services. 

HQE brand territory

The HQE™ brand territory consists of four key elements showing its positioning:

  • HQE™ logo,
  • A signature « The way to progress »,
  • A slogan « beHQE »,
  • Specific round and square graphic design.

Use of the brand

Alliance HQE-GBC owns the HQE™ brand

HQE is a brand owned by the Alliance HQE-GBC in France and abroad. Several HQE™ brands have been registered.

There are no

  • HQE™ material, product or equipment
  • HQE™ construction site
  • HQE™ project except duly certified projects
  • HQE™ training except duly accredited trainings
  • HQE™ professionals except HQE™ certification référents
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