Missions and goals

Alliance HQE-GBC brings together men and women committed to sustainable building, sustainable urban planning and sustainable infrastructures for the benefit of individuals, communities and companies. Alliance HQE-GBC acts on behalf of the general interest through voluntary initiatives in France and abroad to anticipate, innovate, improve knowledge and disseminate best practices. Since the merger of the two associations on June 21st 2016, Alliance HQE-GBC, a charity since 2004, has been bringing together all the stakeholders. The association promotes collaborative work within networks to increase its impact and enable proximity with involved parties.

Whether you are involved in HQE™ certified projects or in voluntary approaches to plan, build, renovate, maintain or use buildings, infrastructures and districts, you can strengthen and promote your commitment by joining the HQE Movement and becoming a member. Alliance HQE-GBC is open to all type of entities: private or public, – individuals, associations or companies – there is always a possibility to join us with a suitable membership fee.

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